Our Services

Fire Systems

  We clean the fire system thoroughly, because we know that’s the only way to save the restaurant in case of a fire, so we always detail clean it, so it will look like new. We start by scrubbing it softly to get the big chunks of grease off, then we follow that with spraying the whole fire system with our special chemical that dissolves all the grease around it, then we go ahead and pressure wash it slowly, and last but not least we go ahead and dry it and polish it to give it the brand new look.

Motor&Belt Replacment

  We offer kitchen exhaust motor replacement, for any restaurant and we also offer motor belt replacement, Prices will differ through out every restaurant and the size of the motor and the belt and the time that it will take to replace it, Max 1-2 Hours. We always make sure it works 100%, and if anything is wrong with our job we always come back and fix it for free and make sure it works perfectly.

Side Walks

  We offer sidewalks cleaning service as well, behind and in front of the restaurant, we make sure all the stains, gum, liquor stains, cigarettes, and anything else that is on the floor, we make sure the floor is shiny when we are done, and we clean everything. We don’t cut corners we clean them.

Installing Duct Access panels and Fire Doors.

  We also offer Access panels for ducts, and fire doors installments, those doors are fitted and installed professionally by one of our hood cleaning technicians. That access panel will be opened regularly to be cleaned and re sealed again with our special seal that can hold up to 2300 Degrees.